We started making bait back in the mid 80's! But we'll start by telling you what we do now. (And if you're still interested once you've read this bit, you can read about our history later!)

Premier Baits are specialists in making high quality Carp Bait. Our baits are designed to offer a high content of digestible nutrition with maximum attraction. This means the bait works instantly, and gets better the more you use it.

All our bait is handmade at our factory in Kent from the finest fresh ingredients available. Our bait has caught British record, World Record, Scottish Record & French Record Carp. The results speak for themselves!

We have a wide range of different baits to suit all situations and we do a custom bait making service, for those of you who want something even more special. The quality of our Bait is backed up by our outstanding level of service.
We make sure your order is delivered on time, every time and in perfect condition.


Premier Baits started out in 1986, and were the first company to commercially produce the fishmeal Boilie. This took the carp fishing world by storm, and emptied lakes all over the country. On lakes where 5 or 6 fish was a good tally for the season people were now catching this number of fish in a weekend!

Back then we didn't supply rolled bait - just the base mixes, oils, flavours, additives etc. We're sure lots of you will remember having to roll your bait on the bank or at home!

We started rolling bait for our customers in the mid 90s, making mass baiting much more convenient for our customers. It ensures all your bait is made to perfection at each stage, and at an affordable price.

Our Staff


The Owner

The owner of Premier Baits. Tony has 25 years' experience in manufacturing top quality Carp Bait. He specialises in the research & development of new baits, and keeping Premier Baits at the forefront of bait innovation.


Our Factory Manager. Camo is an expert angler with over 50 years' experience on the bank. He's the Head Bailiff for Mid Kent Fisheries, and is always happy to share his knowledge & experience with customers.


Aaron is our head roller. Him and his helpers make all the baits by hand on rolling tables in our factory. This ensures your bait receives the level of care and attention it deserves and is finished to perfection every time.


ASH is our Pop up / Wafter / Hardhookbait master and Boiler Boy, but can also turn his hand to almost any job in the Factory

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