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Dream Lake 3 - Paul Manning

Well it was finally that time of year what I had been waiting for France 2010, the thing I look forward to all year and every year. The trip started on Friday 13th August 2010 so I thought the trip was doomed straight away but how wrong I was to be.

We arrived at dream lakes at around 6am Saturday morning which was a long tiring drive, once we had unloaded the coach and trailer and took the gear across to DL3 we was able to have a look round an sort swims out between the other anglers on the lake, I new exactly where I wanted to fish which was peg 14, and was lucky to have 1st choice of swims.

The swim had loads of features but the main one for me was the big plateau in front of my swim. So after we all came to agreement with swims I got of to work and started lugging my gear round to swim, I then started of by markering from peg 13 because the plan was to do all the baiting of that swim then fish to the baited area from 14 and gave me and my friend some room apart, once we had found the area we wanted to bait which was 4ft deep we started off using 5kg of boillies 16mm and 14mm mixed.

Once we had the spot baited we both started unpacking getting ready for the week ahead of us. the 1st fish cam from my left hand rod which was casted into the left of my swim to the tree line where the fish was showing when we arrived at the lake, the fish was only a 20 but it was a start, not long after the fish was returned my right hand rod ripped of which was on the baited area this turned out to be a 20 as well but anything was welcome. I went on to catch some more small fish that day.

My friend Robert Kelly had a good common  during that day which weighed 49.8 During the 1st night the rain started and it was not stopping for nothing, I woke up at 6am and it was still hammering down and I knew we had to get the bait out there, so I went and woke my friend up and we both got to work ploughing the bait in, we did the same as the 1st morning putting 5kg of mixed again, so we ended up getting into a routine of putting 5kg every morning around 6-7am and 5kg around 4-5pm every evening. The 1st 3 days where slow I was arranging 4-5 fish a day but nothing big. Robert had another decent fish 42 mirror so he was much happier than me.

The rain went on for 3 days not stopping once it wiped out all our clothes but was not stopping us, one of the days I moved swim and sat in the rain all day and caught a 29 but this made me more determined. During the 3rd night the weather started to improve and fish started to show over the baited area. From then on it came alive for me and Robert we started to get fish on a regular basis but no real size. On the 4th morning Robert was awoken to 44.5 common, during the remained of the day we continued to consistently catch fish averaging 30lb. than came the best fishing day of my life in which I had 19 fish 2x 40s topped of with a 71.6 common, the fish totally blew me away with the sheer size and power in which consisted of an hour long fight and nearly being bitten of by a snake ha-ha long story.


I struggled to sleep that night due to me being unable to control my emotions. When I finely did nod off I was awoken by a screamer which turned out to be a 53.8 common. We both continued to get fish throughout the day. Then came our last day which me and Robert caught another 20 fish including 3x 40s between us.


We then both packed up before night arrived and enjoyed quite a few hard eared beverages with fellow anglers on the lakes, I would to thank premier baits for providing us both with a fantastic bait which we feel gave us the edge on the lake which enabled us to catch 93 carp and 4 cats between us which included 21x30lb plus fish, 8x40lb plus fish, 1x50lb and my PB 71.6. My memories of this trip are some of the best memories of my life. I feel privileged to have met some wonderful people, had the best fish of my life and been able to enjoy the experience with my best friend, Robert Kelly. I would also like to thanks the bailiffs especially Paul who is not just a great bailiff he is also a great guy.

Thanks a lot for everything

Paul Manning and Robert Kelly

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