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EA Advice on Crayfish - Premier Baits

The following information from the Environment Agency gives information on the measures that can be taken legally to control non-native crayfish populations.

Obviously you don't want to be breaking the law when removing crayfish, so we thought this would be helpful to some of you.


Dear Premier Baits,

Thank you for your enquiry regarding American Signal Crayfish and the problems they represent to Native white-clawed crayfish.

I have attached a link to further information on our website regarding crayfish and the laws regarding trapping them.

We have produced a detailed guide to crayfish trapping called 'Using the right trap - a guide to crayfish trapping' which gives all the information an applicant needs. This includes:

  • how to apply for alicence to trap non-native crayfish
  • the CR1 application form
  • how to complete the CR1 application form
  • how to complete the catch return form
  • an identification guide to the different crayfish types
  • a list of crayfish trap suppliers
  • advice for preventing the spread of crayfish plague.

This guide can be ordered for free from our publications catalogue. The product code is GEHO0310BRVF-E-P for the printed version.

Please follow the link below to view our publications catalogue:


This guide is also available as a PDF version which can be downloaded from our publications catalogue.

 The PDF version doesn't include the CR1 application form. The product codes for the PDF versions are:

  • GEHO0310BRVF-E-E -PDF English version
  • GEHO0310BRVG-B-E - PDF bilingual version.
* information and image sourced from and email correspondance with the EA.

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