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Field Testing - Terry Hemmings

So how long does a bait have to be field tested before it's great public release? A few weeks, a few months, maybe even a couple of seasons... We have all read the ads " successfully used by our field testers..."   then there is a few photos of large fish caught on this revolutionary new wonder bait with quotes liked "it emptied the lake" "we're not hauling we were trawling".  

Well after all of this hype many anglers rush out and part with their hard earned cash and sit there hoping this new wonder bait will drag fish from all over the lake/river into their swim and hope a fish of a lifetime will have a net cord slipped underneath it at any moment.  I'm sure it has happened and good luck to ya, coz at the end of they day its about putting a smile on ya face.

Well I've been using a bit of bait lately and supplying quite a few of me mates, I didn't force them to use it, coz with magazines and the great carp grapevine the hush hush secret wonder baits are packing their local tackle shop shelves and freezers.  Friends at premier and myself sat down one day and banged our heads together releasing some old grey matter and a few cobwebs to try and put together our new concoction.  

I asked them which 3 or 4 baits in the fishing world they had the most success with over the many years they had fished, with all our little ideas and nic nacks that we liked, not forgetting cost and rollability (these two facts being very important).  We finally came up with our little balls of magic.  Two weeks later after a few heated debates and a few concoctions lying around the offices, most on the floor stuck to the underside of my trainers the new bait was ready.  

So off I went into the big wide world with a little bit of weight on me shoulders.  The car packed with rods, brolly, food and a bucket load of expectation here we go.  Believe me sitting behind rods with experiments on the end can be a little bit nerve racking - would I blank and be labelled a fool, were the flavour levels right, was it palatable for them old carp, would it survive the so called pest fish, would conditions be right (please bear in mind, I didn't turn up at so called runs water)  how much should I put in?   Would the rig work in my favour? weather and air pressure, angling pressure, the list goes on and all I wanted to know was does the bait work?  Would I return home with more questions than answers?
9 years later

Yes that's right 9 years later and a few wet nets later I'm still using the same bait.  I guess it worked and I guess I am still happy with it.  Since then I have never sat there at my chosen venue when times are quiet (fish wise I mean) and blamed the bait. No no its not the bait, have I sat in the wrong swim or have I cast to the wrong area coz I know Mr Carp cannot swim past without a little enquiry to my little food package out there.

Confidence in fishing is a wonderful thing, it kinda leaves the doubt out, I know rigs, conditions, tackle reliability and many other factors still play a part but getting as many right from the off can only be beneficial to the angler.

As I've progressed in my fishing life things have changed, i.e. lakes getting bigger (home and abroad), target fish getting bigger and now normally my favoured chosen swim getting further from the car park - at the moment nearly one mile. Time on the bank getting greater, (just ask the wife and kids) one of the only things that seem to remain the same is the bait.  Knowing that the fish I catch just love eating it, time and time again gives me great confidence.

I could name a few very sought after fish that have been caught some 3 or 4 times by myself and a few close fishing friends on the same bait. To repeatably get caught surely suggests that there is something very yummy and attractive to our fishy friends.  What more could you want from a bait, especially when unhooking a fish on your mat you notice that the bait is coming out nearly as fast as it must have been going in, if you know what I mean!  

My friend Chris summed it up one day when he had stopped by my house to tell me he had gone fishing midweek for a "quick overnighter ".  On arriving at his swim he turned around to grab his bait bag, which he couldn't find, "oh my god he shouted in the rush to get here I've left the bait at home, its worse than turning up without me rods!"  Well that says it all.

In the gallery are a few of me mates with some very hard earned fish caught on which until now was not available, please don't think that by just buying our bait you will start ripping everything apart, but used wisely and correctly I am sure your catch rate will improve, oh and as for field testing, 9 years and counting.

Give us a call and good luck.

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