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Les Quis 2010 - Dan Essery

My tackle consisted of the following:

Harrison Torrix 3.25 50mm Rods

Shimano Aero Power 100000 Big Pits

Shimano Catana 12lb Line

3.5oz leads inline and safety clip set ups with 2ft Korda Tubing with quick links to

5" Suffix Black Silt Blow back rigs with Gardner Mugga hooks size 8.


Baited with a kg of bait on each rod and then fed on a little and often basis every hour with 20 baits each rod again.

I took 50kg of Premier Baits Aminos + Peach Melba and Black Pepper Oil Boilies with me on this trip.

My week's session started on July 16th got to the car Park to meet with all the lads and drew 10 on the coach out of 18, I got the shed on the Long Lake. I had fished this swim 2 times previous and had 77 fish during these previous 2 sessions.

My swim was a heavily featured one with willows to my right 40 yards (RHR), a bridge to my far right corner 110 yards and straight out in front (MR) I had a far margin that had over hanging bushes and trees etc. 90 yards (LHR).

Rods were placed on each of the 3 spaces above, had lunch and got back around 6pm at 7pm my RHR screamed off and a 17lb mirror was caught.

Sunday went by and nothing caught, Monday after brekky at 11.40am my RHR was off again and 25lb Mirror was landed it was hard work due to the hot weather that was to be my only fish that day, Tuesday came and at 6.12am RR was off and a 16.02C which I had to hand net due to my landing net being against tree and I had gone in to my knees due to the snags on my far left side.

Got back from brekky at 9.30am and rods were sent out same spots again, 5 mins later my LHR roared off and a 24.7m was landed, 12.45pm 20.4m was caught from the LHR the willow had gone quiet and the bridge was yet to produce, I was continually baiting this area every hour as I knew the fish would come through at some stage. 4.30pm RHR was off and 10lbm was landed, seemed to be a lot of smaller fish so I upped my baiting strategy to try and feed them off so the big girls would hopefully get a chance.

6.45pm got back from dinner and LHR screamed off 12lb m and whilst landing my middle rod on the bridge finally screamed off and a 19.04m was landed too. Tuesday suddenly become a good day at 8pm LHR went off and 17lb m landed, 9.45pm again the LHR went and a nice 37lb mirror was landed biggest so far well chuffed although my PB is 46.8 as I'm returning her my bridge rod goes off 19.04c landed, I must add as part of a dare my nick name is Sanchez by my group I go with and they bought me Mexican hat and tash (don't know why).

I proceeded to have photo naked with the common in my hat and tash. You could hear my dad laughing for miles lol..... 9.50pm 23.02m was taken from the bridge.

At 10.15pm I had a slow take again from the bridge which was just plodding around for ages, i finally got her to the net and she weighed in at 47.9M a new PB and I was chuffed to bits (Photos to follow).

Tuesday - I lost a couple of fish early hours, had brekky and we went down town and had a few drinks, just wanted a break and social with the lads, we ended up hitching as lift back with a little French man and all jumped into the back of his van lol

1pm got back and rods placed in same spots, 1.15pm 17.2m was caught LHR. After this I stopped doing a diary and I just logged fish caught so here goes.

21.7m, 19.15m, 28.4m, 28.8m, 17.7m, 20.3m, 17.6m, 25.5c + 32.4c Brace had. 31.8m, 18.8m, 16.8m, 24.7m, 15m, 22.4m, 31.5m 23.5m, 15.7m, 22m, 25.9m, 29.10, 26.2m, 10lb catfish, 18.6c,13.4m

14.2m, 16.10c, 17m, 17.2m, 24.7m, 17.8m, 13.7m, 19.5m, 22.6m, 27.01m on Zig, 27.9m, 13.10c, 15.4c, 17.4m, 19m, 23m, 12.5m, 26.5m, 21.14m, 16.7m, 21.11m, 28.7m and last but not least 22.6m

I ended up with 62 fish which consisted of 31 x doubles, 26 x 20's 4 x 30's and 1 x 40 and just under 1300lb of fish.

I want to say a massive thank you to Steve at Premier baits who I spoke to prior to my trip and agreeing on taking the Peach Melba and Black Pepper where as the others in my group took the Indian Spice, I took 50kg of this with me and no other bait, this really done me proud and my dad also done well with the 10kg he took (he had other bait already sorted). The carp seemed to feed quiet aggressively on this at times and was leaving this on my mat, I would highly recommend this to anyone and listen to what Steve says he knows his stuff.


Dan Essery

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