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Why Premier Baits? - Craig Towse

Why Premier Baits? Why not should be the question. The people at premier bait are very helpful and offer good advice if you want to customize your recipe. Also the price of the bait is excellent because you deal with them direct. I, craig towse was struggling on a new lake from the start of the season last year because I thought particles would be the way forward. But with only catching one before the start of april things had to change.

I contacted premier and had a good chat with them, and the mix i chose is customised. They do such a wide range of different ingredients and additives and for such low prices, you get such a good quailty bait and good service. After just a few weeks of baiting a few areas I started to see better results, because the fish were spending more and more time over my baited areas.

I had the first one on the new bait one morning after getting up at first light. I was Watching fish showing, then the alarm sounded and I landed a 35lb 4oz mirror followed shortly afterwards by a 22lb 4 oz mirror.We were know getting towards the end of july .My next and final brace came the week after from the same swim as I have a small advantage and can fish mid week. The first fish came at 7.15am in the shape of a 42lb 8oz mirror. After a quick recast with a fresh rig bait and stringer bit of bait sticked out ready for any more by 10.15am the same rod was away again. A 30lb 12oz mirror was landed - well happy with the bait - total confidence! I also landed some others, a 28lb 12oz mirror , 30lb 12oz common, 36lb 12oz common and a short dumpy 36lb 8oz mirror. I got my last bite just into October and the lake normally shuts up shop at the end of october.

The lake is known to be a head banger for some because if you dont fish it right they wont play ball, Some not seeing a carp grace the bank all season. But i had a good key to the equation which is having a good bait and just like to say thanks to all at Premier Baits.

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