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This page is all about educating you, which should help you choose the right bait - not just the one you think might work! Read on. (Click on each section for information)

It's All Hand Made!

Every single Premier Baits product is hand made.

All of our Boilies, Pop Ups, Wafters and Hardened Hookbaits are hand rolled using the best rolling tables available.

All of our Base mix is produced and blended by our expert bait makers, and batch produced.

All of our Pellets, although manufactured elsewhere, are coloured and flavoured by our expert bait makers.

All of our Method Mixes, Stick Mixes and Groundbaits are produced and blended by our expert bait makers, and batch produced.

All of our Paste is produced to order by our expert bait makers

All of our Baitsoaks, Flavours, Oils & Liquid Additives are bottled by our bait makers.

In fact as we said in the first place, everything is hand made, or produced by hand here.

We believe making our bait by hand gives you the very best quality and consistency that money can buy.

Fish Meal Boilies

Did you know Premier Baits were the first company to commercially produce a fishmeal Boilie? Well that was back in the mid '80s, but they are still the best baits available in our opinion.

We strongly believe our fish meal Boilies offer the best all round nutrition available in a bait. They provide the Carp with lots of Protein, energy, vitamins, minerals etc. they promote fast & healthy weight gain, and help speed up tissue repair. They give the Carp pretty much everything they need – except water!

So you can see why our fishmeal Boilies work so well, and will always work well. We suggest using fishmeal Boilies through all 4 seasons.

When the going gets really tough - during really cold weather, or if the Carp have been dormant for a while, you can have your Fish Meal Mix Winterised, or why not try an All Season or Birdfood bait to try and tempt them.

Examples of Our Fish Meal Baits: Aminos, Matrix, Super Indian, Spiced Citrus, Heminos.



Bird Food Boilies

Our bird food baits are designed to provide a high level of nutrition, unlike most you will see on the market. They deliver lots of protein, vitamins & minerals, amino acids plus lots more.

We inculde Bird Foods at low levels, and concentrated Milk Proteins at high levels to deliver a better quality 'Bird Food' bait. This gives you a high protein and high attract boilie, balanced with other choice ingredients to deliver a wholly nutritional package.

They give exceptional performance during the Winter due to good leakage and emulsion in cold water, a low oil content, and ease of digestion. 

Our Bird Food Boilies are the ideal Winter food bait to use. For a summer campaign, you're better off using a Fish Meal bait, or an All Season bait in most cases.

Examples of our Birdfood Baits: Protein Birdfood & Winter Blend.

All Season Boilies

We have developed all season baits to give you maximum performance for, you've guessed it, all year round!

Fast leaking, high in Protein and extremely digestible for best results during the Winter, with the balanced nutritional profile required for maximum Spring, Summer and Autumn performance.

For those of you who haven't been affected by media hype about Fish Meal baits being no good during the Winter, all of our Fish Meal Boilies and Base mixes work very well all year round. They all offer a soluble, digestible, nutritious, low oil, low fat and high attraction that's perfect for use at any time of the year. But, there are other baits that are sometimes better – especially in extreme cold, or the late winter/early spring period where Carp can be quite dormant.

Premier Baits All Season Baits have been specifically developed to cater for this difficult period, and to be equally effective all year round.

Great for baiting campaigns too, due to their high nutritional content.

Our Quad and Pro Fruit Boilies have been specifically designed for all season use.



Fresh Freezer Baits

Made to perfection using the freshest eggs and ingredients available, they are packed with nutrition and attraction.

We send them out to you fresh from the roller, or frozen in a well insulated package for next day delivery - and we always phone you before sending them out.

We use the best couriers to ensure your bait will arrive when we say it’s going to.

All of our Fresh Freezer baits are hand made, to ensure they are produced to the highest standard possible. 

Using fresh, high quality bait is an essential part of successful angling, and we do everything possible to ensure that's exactly what you get when your order from us. Every time.



Short Term Shelf Life

Our Short Term Shelf Life baits are a real advantage for anglers with no freezer space, for trips abroad, and general convenience.

The bait is designed to have a shelf life of between 2 to 3 months if kept in a cool & dry place out of the sun. it may last longer but we cannot guarantee it.

With our clever production process, we use a very small amount of preservative, so they retain all the goodness and quality of a freezer bait. They are made with all the same ingredients as our fresh freezer baits, and are just as soluble, digestible, nutritious & attractive.

If you have some bait left over from e.g. a French Trip and it's near the end of it's shelf life, you can freeze it. But be aware that after you've thawed it out, it won't retain any of it's original shelf life.

All of our Short Term Shelf Life Baits are hand made, to ensure they are produced to the highest standard possible. 

Much better than some old shelf life readymade that’s been sat on the tackle shop shelf for a year before you picked it up!

Custom Bait Creator

Our Custom Bait Creator allows you to formulate your own recipe, and have it rolled for you.

No messing about at home with ingredients, recipes that won't roll, grief from the wife... Our Custom Bait Creator is the perfect solution.

You tell us what you want included (from within our range of products), and we select the optimum levels for each ingredient, additive, liquid and flavour. Then roll it for you - you can't go wrong!

A real advantage where you need a competitive edge, and a unique bait that's exclusive to you.

If you ever need help with putting a recipe together, or tailoring one to suit a particular lake, then please email us and we'll be happy to help you get on the right track.

Our custom recipes have caught a lot of the biggest and best carp in the world. If you're after that all important edge, you've come to the right place. 



Pop Ups

Made using our own Pop Up mix. Our pop ups are hard & tough, but easy to pierce with a baiting needle. They stay on the hair, and should pop up for a good 16 hours.

Our Pop-Up Mix is not the most buoyant on the market, we tailor it to snowman a bottom bait of the same size or 2mm larger. This helps with your rig mechanics - you don’t need to add massive weights or lumps of putty to hold them down. The only drawback is they aren’t the best for chod rigs.

For chod rigs (or whenever a mega buoyant Pop Up is required), we recommend you buy some matching paste and make your own corkball pop ups.

Premier Baits Pop Ups can be coloured and flavoured to your requirements, or made to match any of our Ready Made Freezer baits.

All of our Pop Ups are hand made, to ensure they are produced to the highest standard possible.

* Please note, these are shelf-life products. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


Our wafters are semi-buoyant bottom baits that will ’waft’ when the water in proximity to the hookbait is agitated or moving.

e.g. When a carp is fanning the bait with its pectoral fins. When made to match your bait they mimic your freebies perfectly, and give you the advantages of near neutral buoyancy. Very nice indeed!

The theory is, when the Carp come to feed over your hookbait, the wafter will be sucked up first, because it's virtually weightless. Perfect for fooling wary Carp.

We did some testing over a couple of years to back this theory up, and we felt that we got more takes & better hook holds, compared with using standard bottom baits.

Sometimes offering wafters as an alternative hookbait can be a distinct advantage, for example, a Hi Viz colour - so we allow you to customise your wafters using our Custom Bait Creator.

All of our Wafters are hand made, to ensure they are produced to the highest standard possible. 

* Please note, these are shelf-life products. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

* Please test each Wafter for buoyancy before casting out. No matter how we make them, there's always a slight variance.

Hardened Hook Baits

Bullet hard bottom baits that can be made to the same recipe as any bait we do.The hardening agent we use increases the protein content of the bait, with no adverse effects on quality.

Hardened Hookbaits allow you to leave your rods out for longer. You can be confident you’re still presenting a bait, even after you've left your rods out for 24 hours.

Ideal when pest species are a problem (Crayfish, Poisson Chat, Rudd, Roach, Bream etc.).

Can be made to match your bait, or customised to your own requirements.

All of our Hardened Hookbaits are hand made, to ensure they are produced to the highest standard possible. 

These are usually rolled as fresh freezer baits, but if your bulk rolled bait is Short Term Shelf Life, we will roll your Hardened Hookbaits to suit.


High grade, low oil coarse fish feed pellets. High in nutrition, and safe for use at any fishery. We pressure treat them to add the correct colour & flavour.

We make these to match any bait we make, or you can have them custom made to your requirements.

Our pellets come in a mixture of sizes (micro, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm & 11mm) to offer varying breakdown times, and give fast leakage into your baited area.

Very effective when used in bulk, or in small sticks around your hookbait.

* Please note, these are shelf-life products. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Method Mix

Effective, nutritional method mixes with awesome binding power and attraction. A very underrated product these days.

They bind like cement – so if you want to add any extras like boilie chops, particles, pellets etc. just pile them in!

Perfect for balling up around a method feeder, lead, or for baiting up at range using a groundbait sling.

We make method mix to match all our ready made freezer bait recipes. 

Stick Mix

A high food content, high attract range of stick mixes.

Made with fine textured powders which allow you to add your own personal touch with liquids, particles, pellet, hemp etc. If you wish. They work effectively with a dash of liquid, bait soak etc.

For best results, mix your Stick Mix with crushed Boilies at a ratio of 50:50. It will help to hold the mix together whilst giving added attraction to your bait, complementing your bottom baits perfectly.

We make stick mix to match all our Ready Made Recipes.

Bait Soak

High grade bulk fish oil, Betaine complex, and flavouring go into our Bait Soaks. Nice and simple, but extremely effective. Let’s break it down for you:

Betaine complex is a feed inducing ingredient. The bulk fish oil provides attraction, fatty acids, nutrition & vitamin E amongst much more. The flavour provides extra attraction, suited to your bait or requirements.

When using on Boilies, please soak your hookbaits for as long as possible before fishing to get the full benefits.

This product is PVA friendly.

Other uses include adding to method mix, particles, groundbait, making a liquid PVA bag etc. This will add masses of extra attraction - all important where you need that ’edge’ over the competition or a feeding trigger when bites are hard to come by. 


High quality Groundbaits with excellent food value & attraction.

Our Groundbaits bind well, and break down steadily in the water.

We make them to match all our our ready made freezer baits, so you can apply the same groundbait as the boilies you're baiting up with!

You can add extras, such as hemp, pellets and particles without losing any binding power.

For a liquid additive, we recommend using Premier Baits Baitsoak.


Our Paste is produced using the same base mixes that we roll our boilies with. We mix it using a Hobart mixer, which mixes and compresses all the ingredients together far better than by using a food mixer, or mixing by hand.

Paste is a very underrated product, it's packed full of nutrition, it's super soluble, very easily digestible, and leaks its' attraction like nothing else available.

You can use it to make your own corkball pop ups, wrap it around a bottom bait or pop-up, for float fishing & stalking etc. There's literally no end to the number of uses this product has!

Your paste will be made on the day your order is sent out, as fresh as possible. It must be frozen as soon as it arrives with you.
If ordering your Paste with Short Term Shelf Life Boilies, we will make your Paste with a Short Term Shelf Life too.
Available to match all of our Ready Made Freezer Baits, or to match your Custom Recipe.

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