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Winter Blend

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The Winter Blend is a high nutritional value milk protein & birdfood based bait with a washed out blue colour. It has an amazing, unique fruity flavour that gives instant attraction due to the bait's fast acting leakage.

It's rolled using the freshest ingredients, and then we dry it for just two hours before being frozen or sent out to you.

This ensures you get the freshest bait possible! Although this results in a bait that is not ‘hard', the bait leaks attraction much faster than virtually any bait on the market. It is firm enough to stay on the hair all day or all night but you have the option of drying the bait more yourself if you want it to be extra firm.

If you place an order of 20kg or above, you can opt to split sizes in your shopping cart - at no extra cost!

*  12mm baits cost extra. The cost, if applicable will be calculated in your shopping cart.



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